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Sadhi Vornberger has helped us multiple times to very effectively solve conflicts. She has the talent to bring the needs and interests of all parties involved clearly on the table, in a short amount of time. On these grounds she facilitates a problem-solving process that has no winners and no losers in a common sense. The solutions include the needs of everyone involved.

Sadhi Vornberger’s support has been very valuable for our business in all cases, which is true for human relationships as much as from an economic perspective.

Rudolf Sedlmeier, CEO, Sedlmeier Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Sadhi is an excellent facilitator. She naturally combines her highly professional approach with a genuine sense of fun in her workshops. Her belief in what she does is infectious and she clearly has a gift for helping people to understand the key principles necessary to communicate effectively. She holds the space very well in what can be a challenging process of personal development, and her care for my wellbeing throughout the course was evident. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Keith Hanson, BA (hons), MA, Librarian at King’s College London

I experienced working with Sadhi Vornberger as very rewarding. She meets people where they are at and consistently creates a connection to their everyday working life. I experienced a healthy culture of discussion in which constructive criticism is always welcome. The team’s collective learning process had top priority at all times.

Jan Schouwink, Professional Event Technician, Germany

Sadhi improved the communication within the company sustainably. After the workshops with her I noticed immediate positive change. Our communication while working and during meetings became more precise and better structured. We learned to articulate concretely our expectations and what we want from each other. In the coaching sessions she helped me personally to handle conflict more openly and carefully. She is open and amicable while maintaining a professional style.

Michael Morner, Locksmith, Germany

NVC and coaching were topics that I was aware of through my private and professional life. Sadhi clearly bound them together in her training and helped me to see how rooting strategies in core needs can be immensely impactful with people and in a business context. As the business world continues its path to become more Agile, the skills I have learned with Sadhi will ensure that I can participate in that transformation as an engaged ‚player‘.

Overall it has been a tremendous experience for me and I want to experess my deep feelings of gratitude. I have recently ‚invested’ my time and money in three different training areas. The work that we have done together has been clearly the best value for money.

Stephen Harrison, Managing Director, sbh4 GmbH, Germany
Formerly Global Head of Specialty Gases and Equipment at The Linde Group

Sadhi is an excellent facilitator for conflict resolution! She easily reads the needs of the people in question, and first makes sure that everyone feels heard and understood. Then she swiftly directs the discussion into a common understanding or goal and facilitates the people to find concrete solutions that can lead to direct action or follow-ups. I would also like to emphasize her skills in communication. Sadhi is great at interpreting and decoding people’s underlying needs, and her approach is empathic, inspiring, encompassing, concise and factual. She is actually the best facilitator I’ve ever met!

Linda Killander, Artist and Facilitator, Sweden

In just a 2-hour workshop, I learned communication theory and best practices that I could apply to everyday life (e.g. work, personal, relationships, etc.). The activities helped apply the theory to real-life situations. I will definitely pass along the knowledge I gained in this short workshop and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their everday communication skills!

Stephanie Grocke, Geologist, USA  

Sadhi had a most striking way of explaining sexism in a way which made the structrual opression of women and non-conforming genders undeniably apparent. Her workshop on non-discrimination made me even more convinced of my conviction that all genders are equal and deserve the exact same benefits and status in society.

Andreas Runsten, Holistic Brand Strategist & Design Consultant at OMNIAMO, Sweden

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